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Mar 13th

Discover the Healing Power of T O U C H

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I Pledge to Embrace the Power of Touch

From the Spafinder Website:
I will recharge myself and others through the simple act of giving or receiving a hug, foot rub or five-minute massage.

The power of touch is known to bestow deep restorative emotional and physical healing . On a day-to-day basis, touch is known to minimize anxiety and stress in individuals. There are many ways you can put touch to work for your overall wellness. The most popular form of touch therapy is massage but that is only the start. Here at Klara Beauty Lab, we offer a signature massage that is tailor-made to your preference and needs, after our massage therapist assesses your stress points and goals from the session. A good session of touch therapy can lessen your pain, irritation, fatigue, and uplift your mood to ward off depression.

Of the many forms of touch therapy, we believe in the power of Reiki that uses the “spiritually directed life energy” based on an Eastern tradition. Klara Chrzuszcz is a master teacher of Reiki and has been practicing Reiki on her clients for years to rejuvenate their mind, body, soul, and senses during her therapy sessions. In her words, “Reiki can have a life-changing experience on an individual. I want to share my expertise and the power of this universal energy with those I come across, so I perform Reiki therapy in every session to give my clients the benefit of overall wellness.”

We love Reiki because of its healing health benefits, like stress reduction and relaxation, and improving the body’s natural balance. It also aids better sleep, reduces blood pressure, cleanses toxins from the body, can help chronic health problems, and help your body recover from drugs.

Extend your hand today, and give and receive the healing power of T O U C H! Click here for more on SpaFinder Wellness Week pledges. We also have a special 20% off promotion on Spafinder if you want to experience Klara’s expert touch therapy or any of her services. Visit us on Spafinder here

By: Sangeeta Barua

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Mar 12th

Silence: A Beautiful Gift

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Open your mouth only if what you are going to say is more beautiful than silence. – Arabic Proverb

We are taking the SpaFinder Wellness Week Pledge and committing to find 10 minutes a day away from all electronics and other distractions, and enjoy the  q u i e t .

In today’s society we spend most of our time in front of some kind of screen… whether its a tv, iPad, laptop, checking emails, or texting on your phone – chances are you’re guilty as charged. Research shows that the average amount of time adults in the United States spend with media has reached almost 700 minutes a day! Can you believe this is how most adults are spending 11 hours or more of their day?

The Cost of Overstimulation: More scientists now believe that this endless time spent with the Internet, cell phones and TV is making us impatient, impulsive, forgetful, unfocused and even more narcissistic — that it is profoundly changing our brains and the very way we think and behave. For instance, scientists argue that all these “message spurts” play to a primitive impulse to respond to immediate opportunities and threats, which excite us and produce a dopamine squirt — that can be addictive. When “unplugged,” people feel bored.


Wow! I am not exaggerating when I say you would be giving yourself a true gift just by finding a few moments in a day to be still and silent. With all of the negative implications of over stimulation that scientist have researched, it is a disservice not to “unplug” yourself for at LEAST 10 minutes a day. It isn’t too late to join us in stepping out of our hectic busy lives to be silent. Find out more about the Wellness Week Pledge and let us know how you’re committing to your mind, body, soul and senses. Connect with us via Twitter or Facebook!

By: Priscilla Amado

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Mar 9th

Breakfast For Beauty?

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We are taking the SpaFinder Wellness Week pledge and committing to kick off our mornings with a healthy breakfast.

Eating breakfast has been associated with helping people lose weight, boost metabolism, and gain a mental edge. But over and above packing you with abundant energy, a healthy breakfast also helps you get on track to looking more beautiful. With weight loss and good health, you are bound to feel beautiful but it goes beyond that. Giving your body a healthy dose of beauty boosting foods early in the morning ensures maximum absorption of the essential vitamins and free radical fighting anti-oxidants, helping your skin stay youthful and glowing.

Here’s a list of our favorite beauty boosting breakfast foods:

All types of nuts add fiber to your diet and supply healthy fats essential for skin health but we swear by almonds and walnuts. Almonds essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory in nature so it can help treat skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B which are specially beneficial for your skin. So go on and add nuts to your cereals or just grab a handful to start your day.

Did you know strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges? These sweet red berries may help protect against skin wrinkling. A powerhouse of beauty, blueberries helps your skin produce more collagen for firmness and the antioxidants protect against premature aging.

Nothing beats a green juice made of kale first thing in the morning if you’re trying to get glowing skin and hair. Celebrities like Salma Hayek have popularized the benefits of a green juice diet in enhancing wellness and beauty. The juice may not be enough to sustain you till lunch time unless you add a dash of protein powder but gives a great start to your day when had first thing in the morning followed by more fueling foods.

Visit Spafinder Wellness  to learn more about Wellness Week that starts on Mar 11, 2013. Connect with KLARA Beauty Lab on Twitter and Facebook for more on health, wellness, and beauty

By: Sangeeta Barua


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Mar 7th

Experience the magic at KLARA Beauty Lab

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 Experience the fusion of beauty & nature combined with science at our brand new, newly renovated medical and day spa on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. We are privately located between Madison & Park Avenues on East 78th Street in New York City. Check out some pictures of the beautiful KLARA Beauty Lab.

Inside the walls of KLARA Beauty Lab…

Front desk

Klara's Facial Room

KLARA Beauty Lab interior

How did this concept come about?

The concept for KLARA Beauty Lab’s interior design all started with the owner, Klara Chrzuszcz, who envisioned a white design for more of a laboratory feel. Klara felt that the white design would have a sanitary and hygienic look. Once the vision was ready for execution, Klara wanted more… KLARA Beauty Lab needed more personality so to say. Klara turned to her artistic instinct for a secondary element of design. Klara decided to incorporate the light pastel turquoise hue into the mix. Not only does the color blend perfectly into Klara’s vision for her new upscale MediSpa, it also embodies everything she desires for her spa.

Aqua blue is calming cool and refreshing color that is reminiscent of the beautiful blue of the ocean. Aqua blue is believed to have a soothing effect – It can help to release anger and negativity and offers mental peace and clarity by providing emotional and mental balance. Aqua blue is a universal symbol of youth, fidelity, hope and health. Aqua blue is also associated with speech and communication, confidence, strength, and idealism. – Sophiesfavors.com

This color is a combination of the radiant calming tranquility of blue, the growth and balance of green, the uplifting vibrance of yellow, and the cleanliness, clarity and truth of white. It’s only a match made in heaven considering the color is also Klara’s favorite! KLARA Beauty Lab is the best of both worlds; a beautiful warm welcoming environment maintaining the clean luxurious feel that Klara originally anticipated from her white design.

KLARA Beauty Lab

KLARA Beauty Lab

KLARA Beauty Lab

Dr. Archer's Room

Wall at KLARA Beauty Lab



Let us know how you feel about our design by commenting below or Tweeting @KLARAbeautylab… 


By: Priscilla Amado

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