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Jul 28th

Klara`s Lash Lift!

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So maybe eyelash extensions aren’t for you…

No need to fret! We have the perfect solution:      Klara`s Lash Lift! Innovative procedure that Klara brought to US from London. During this procedure Klara lifts your lashes from the base of the lid upwards to create fuller, longer looking lashes! I as little as 45 minutes your lashes will be transformed for months to come! 

Check out Klara`s Lash Lift, before and after`
Check out Klara`s Lash Lift, before and after!

No eyelash curler!

No damaged eyelashes!

Open, bright eyes!


24 hour lift!

Klara`s Lash Lift treatment includes  Collagen boosting under-eye treatment, and optional tint to even more beautifully frame  your eyes!

                                       klarabeautylab.com              212.390.0239   

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Jul 20th

Benefits of smiling

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Wake up with the smile on your face!

Benefits of smiling:

Releases the tention and stress
Keeps you positive
Boosts your immune system
Natural Face Lift without Botox:)
Changes our mood
Lowers blood pressure
Has a positive impact on others
Makes you look and feel successful
Boosts your confidence









And the best…studies have shown that smiling releases ENDORPHINS, natural PAIN KILLERS & DOPAMINE & SEROTONIN – happy hormones. Together these four make us feel great!                                                           Smiling is a NATURAL DRUG.

Let’s get high!!!!

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Jul 19th

Instant Summer Glow

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Sun Tan Oil days maybe over, but healthy tan will always make you look and feel amazing!

These days Klara uses the best in UV FREE technology by St.Tropez.

Get your pre-Summer bronze today!



Keep your bronze glow even longer with these quick tips:


•Apply body moisturizer daily


•Exfoliate your skin with Body Polish every 2-3 days to ensure even fading


•After showering pat the skin dry rather than rubbing


•Avoid swimming pools as chlorine can bleach the tan

Sun Tanning at KBL

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