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Mar 9th

Breakfast For Beauty?

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We are taking the SpaFinder Wellness Week pledge and committing to kick off our mornings with a healthy breakfast.

Eating breakfast has been associated with helping people lose weight, boost metabolism, and gain a mental edge. But over and above packing you with abundant energy, a healthy breakfast also helps you get on track to looking more beautiful. With weight loss and good health, you are bound to feel beautiful but it goes beyond that. Giving your body a healthy dose of beauty boosting foods early in the morning ensures maximum absorption of the essential vitamins and free radical fighting anti-oxidants, helping your skin stay youthful and glowing.

Here’s a list of our favorite beauty boosting breakfast foods:

All types of nuts add fiber to your diet and supply healthy fats essential for skin health but we swear by almonds and walnuts. Almonds essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory in nature so it can help treat skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema. Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin B which are specially beneficial for your skin. So go on and add nuts to your cereals or just grab a handful to start your day.

Did you know strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges? These sweet red berries may help protect against skin wrinkling. A powerhouse of beauty, blueberries helps your skin produce more collagen for firmness and the antioxidants protect against premature aging.

Nothing beats a green juice made of kale first thing in the morning if you’re trying to get glowing skin and hair. Celebrities like Salma Hayek have popularized the benefits of a green juice diet in enhancing wellness and beauty. The juice may not be enough to sustain you till lunch time unless you add a dash of protein powder but gives a great start to your day when had first thing in the morning followed by more fueling foods.

Visit Spafinder Wellness  to learn more about Wellness Week that starts on Mar 11, 2013. Connect with KLARA Beauty Lab on Twitter and Facebook for more on health, wellness, and beauty

By: Sangeeta Barua


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