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Feb 9th

Discounted Beauty Products: Are They Safe?

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Every once in a while we get tempted to buy a half price face cream from an online discount site or discounted products that are just about to be pulled off the drugstore shelves. But these cheap beauty products can come at a price. In buying these products you can be compromising on important factors like the expiry date or the conditions in which they were stored. A jar of cream that was stored in the melting heat or a bottle of SPF that is at the end of its product life span can wreck havoc on your skin, making you spend a ton of money on fixing your skin problems.

Both organic products or those that use chemical preservatives come with a limited life-span after which they are unstable and lose their beneficial properties. The same problem occurs when products are not stored at the optimum storage temperature. Outdoor mailboxes and delivery trucks involved in selling products online are not at all helpful, generally changing the consistency of the gels and lotions. Exposure to UV rays are the worst. According to some dermatologists, since our skincare routines have become more complex, involving the use of multiple products, the one that has outlived its life span competes with the better product to take effect on your skin and loses out to the superior product.

This is not to say that you should never buy discounted products. However, use your discretion. If your favorite store is running a 20% off storewide holiday discount, that’s probably a better time to buy a value pack of your beauty cabinet essentials rather than going online to avail a year round discount. While an expired nail polish won’t hurt you as much, some other face and body products will. So we encourage you to smarten up about beauty deals. Consult your trusted aesthetician or skin therapist if you need more advice.

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By Sangeeta Barua

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