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Mar 13th

Discover the Healing Power of T O U C H

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I Pledge to Embrace the Power of Touch

From the Spafinder Website:
I will recharge myself and others through the simple act of giving or receiving a hug, foot rub or five-minute massage.

The power of touch is known to bestow deep restorative emotional and physical healing . On a day-to-day basis, touch is known to minimize anxiety and stress in individuals. There are many ways you can put touch to work for your overall wellness. The most popular form of touch therapy is massage but that is only the start. Here at Klara Beauty Lab, we offer a signature massage that is tailor-made to your preference and needs, after our massage therapist assesses your stress points and goals from the session. A good session of touch therapy can lessen your pain, irritation, fatigue, and uplift your mood to ward off depression.

Of the many forms of touch therapy, we believe in the power of Reiki that uses the “spiritually directed life energy” based on an Eastern tradition. Klara Chrzuszcz is a master teacher of Reiki and has been practicing Reiki on her clients for years to rejuvenate their mind, body, soul, and senses during her therapy sessions. In her words, “Reiki can have a life-changing experience on an individual. I want to share my expertise and the power of this universal energy with those I come across, so I perform Reiki therapy in every session to give my clients the benefit of overall wellness.”

We love Reiki because of its healing health benefits, like stress reduction and relaxation, and improving the body’s natural balance. It also aids better sleep, reduces blood pressure, cleanses toxins from the body, can help chronic health problems, and help your body recover from drugs.

Extend your hand today, and give and receive the healing power of T O U C H! Click here for more on SpaFinder Wellness Week pledges. We also have a special 20% off promotion on Spafinder if you want to experience Klara’s expert touch therapy or any of her services. Visit us on Spafinder here

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