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Mar 7th

Experience the magic at KLARA Beauty Lab

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 Experience the fusion of beauty & nature combined with science at our brand new, newly renovated medical and day spa on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. We are privately located between Madison & Park Avenues on East 78th Street in New York City. Check out some pictures of the beautiful KLARA Beauty Lab.

Inside the walls of KLARA Beauty Lab…

Front desk

Klara's Facial Room

KLARA Beauty Lab interior

How did this concept come about?

The concept for KLARA Beauty Lab’s interior design all started with the owner, Klara Chrzuszcz, who envisioned a white design for more of a laboratory feel. Klara felt that the white design would have a sanitary and hygienic look. Once the vision was ready for execution, Klara wanted more… KLARA Beauty Lab needed more personality so to say. Klara turned to her artistic instinct for a secondary element of design. Klara decided to incorporate the light pastel turquoise hue into the mix. Not only does the color blend perfectly into Klara’s vision for her new upscale MediSpa, it also embodies everything she desires for her spa.

Aqua blue is calming cool and refreshing color that is reminiscent of the beautiful blue of the ocean. Aqua blue is believed to have a soothing effect – It can help to release anger and negativity and offers mental peace and clarity by providing emotional and mental balance. Aqua blue is a universal symbol of youth, fidelity, hope and health. Aqua blue is also associated with speech and communication, confidence, strength, and idealism. – Sophiesfavors.com

This color is a combination of the radiant calming tranquility of blue, the growth and balance of green, the uplifting vibrance of yellow, and the cleanliness, clarity and truth of white. It’s only a match made in heaven considering the color is also Klara’s favorite! KLARA Beauty Lab is the best of both worlds; a beautiful warm welcoming environment maintaining the clean luxurious feel that Klara originally anticipated from her white design.

KLARA Beauty Lab

KLARA Beauty Lab

KLARA Beauty Lab

Dr. Archer's Room

Wall at KLARA Beauty Lab



Let us know how you feel about our design by commenting below or Tweeting @KLARAbeautylab… 


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