From the Owner

 Thank you for visiting KLARA Beauty Lab site and taking your time to explore our services.

 I hope you are getting enough information to make an conscious and confident decision when choosing your treatment, should you wish to have any questions.. please do not hesitate to ask.

My spa and my clients are my passion and dedication. I put my heart in every  facial, and every little eyelash that
I carefully customize.
And if you have never been welcomed in KBL, please call and schedule a free consultation and see who I am and what
I and my wonderful crew stand for.
I love to work on every tone, complexion and concern of the skin. The variety and endless colorful different skin types – was definitely one of the reasons I wanted to stay in New York and to open my spa right here.
Although I fell in love in this magical city, I believe there are many unfortunate factors that contribute to the harming and weakening of our skin’s condition, like: stress, sleepless nights, pollution, humidity or extreme dryness,  fluctuations in temperature, wind,  fast foods, GMOs, unhealthy lifestyle… It is true. We leave in a fast paced environment, we love the speed of light, but in that liveliness, we sometimes simply forget to take good care of ourselves… That is where I step in to HELP.
I passionately enjoy working on problematic skin, acneic, pigmented, aging…and seeing the great improvement we can achieve. But most importantly.. seeing the smile, satisfaction and appreciation of my clients (or their mothers) makes me feel accomplished and extremely satisfied.
I demand Quality. Quality of equipment, products, cleaning company, medical grade washing linens, technique and even the best quality raw organic sterile cotton pads, QUALITY is my priority, as I am eager to deliver it to my dear Clients.
KLARA Beauty Lab is a medical spa with the newest technology, result oriented treatments, clinical skin care as well as it is a training facility for current Aestheticians and Permanent Makeup Technicians.
Thank you for your trust and loyalty, I will continue to deliver the best quality treatments to see results and make you,
photo 1 copynot only LOOK better, but FEEL better and better every day, as you continue to radiate glow from every cell of your HEALTHY SKIN!


Maintenance and dedication in taking care of yourself, and SKIN! is mandatory!
And I am here to guide you and help you look your best, so LET’S FACE IT TOGETHER!

Klara CH.



About KLARA Beauty Lab
KLARA Beauty Lab is a result-oriented medical spa that caters to the needs of our Spa Guests and Patients, helping them preserve their youthfulness and rejuvenate their mind and body. We offer the best quality products, cosmetics and services. We only use premium top shelf products, backed by years of scientific research.
Our aim is to offer our clients a new kind of experience; one that is truly tailor-made and designed to rejuvenate, energize, and ultimately provide the knowledge, tools and support that is required to create a better quality of life. All guests participate in a health assessment prior to their first treatment. We encourage private consultations to ensure that however short the stay, all needs are identified and maximum results are achieved. We strive to produce a unique technique that uses pre-blended essential oils to truly calm the senses and address their concerns.
Here at Klara, we treat you as our guests, not just as clients, and strive to cultivate a relationship
where you love to visit us again and again.    @klarabeautylab     #klarabeautylab