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Jul 28th

Klara`s Lash Lift!

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So maybe eyelash extensions aren’t for you…

No need to fret! We have the perfect solution:      Klara`s Lash Lift! Innovative procedure that Klara brought to US from Europe. During this procedure Klara lifts your lashes from the base of the lid upwards to create fuller, longer looking lashes! In as little as 1 hour your lashes will be transformed for months to come! 

Check out Klara`s Lash Lift, before and after

` Check out Klara`s Lash Lift, before and after!

No eyelash curler!

No damaged eyelashes!

Open, bright eyes!


24 hour lift!

Klara`s Lash Lift treatment includes  Collagen boosting under-eye treatment, and optional tint to even more beautifully frame  your eyes!

                                       klarabeautylab.com              212.390.0239   

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  1. Stephanie
    March 15, 2016 at 5:21 am

    Hi I wanted to inquire about the lash lift process.


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