Tanning Lab


 Manually Applied Sunless Tan


  • NO Smudges or Burns!

  • Beautiful Olive Undertone!

  • NO Damaging UV radiation!

  • NO Premature Aging!

  • NO Risk!

  • Even works on very fair complexions!

  • Warm color the whole year long!





Please remember to follow the tips below to maximize your sunless tan…



To increase effectiveness – exfoliate and wax (or shave) the night before.



Wear dark, comfortable clothing, as the bronzer may color your clothing. However it will washout of most fabrics, except for nylons and silk.

Do not apply any creams, lotions, or make-up!



Please do not shower or take a bath for at least 8 hours after the application to allow your beautiful tan to develop.



Please take a shower in the morning for the activated color to even out¬†and… enjoy your beautiful tan!



Avoid taking long hot baths, and pat yourself dry after showering instead of rubbing the water of your body.

Try to avoid going to saunas and swimming pools (chlorine), as they can contribute to shortening the longevity of your tan.

Keep in mind when exercising – excessive sweating and friction may cause your tan to fade unevenly and prematurely.

Apply a light weight moisturizer to your body in the morning and evening.