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Feb 20th

Skin Cleansing 101

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The simple rule of beauty is that clean skin is healthy and beautiful skin, but picking the right cleansing routine amidst the cacophony of washes, wipes, masks, scrubs, and exfoliators calling out for your attention can be daunting and confusing at the same time. A delicate balance needs to be striked between over drying and sapping your skin of natural oils and eliminating dirt and make-up agents that can lead to acne and inflammation. So we at KLARA Beauty Lab decided to simplify your skin cleansing choices with our insights into what to look for in a cleansing routine.

We recommend a facial cleanser in the night to wash away the day’s dirt and grime, an exfoliating scrub every 3 days to dislodge the blackheads and dirt particles that seep under your skin, and a facial mask once a week to further clean, remove dead skin and improve your skin tone. Some facial toner buffs and count on it to wipe away residual dirt from the skin but many beauty experts feel otherwise. They say that if your cleanser is effective then you don’t need a toner so this is what you may do instead… use a mild facial wash, then follow up with a toner and if specks of dirt shows up on the cotton pad then its use is justified. On the days when you wear make-up, use a cleansing wipe or milk to get rid of the make-up first before the face wash. But the thumb-rule is not to apply everything together, which means leave out the toner if you have already used a make-up dissolving wipe. Every 2-3 days, switch the wash for the scrub, paying attention to problem-prone areas like the nose and the chin where you tend to collect blackheads or white heads and wash away with lukewarm water. Using deep cleansing masques are also helpful in clearing out congestion in the pores.

Ask your beauty therapist to recommend a daily cleansing regimen that is manageable yet effective. Nothing beats regular facials with extractions when it comes to thorough skin cleansing and addressing other concerns.

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By: Sangeeta Barua

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