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Feb 26th

Take a break from the city life…

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Elizabeth Banks, Photograph by: Dale May

 How do you pamper yourself in the chaos that is Manhattan?

Although New Yorkers are always in their own world, sometimes its very necessary to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Elizabeth Banks recently interviewed with TimeOut New York and dished out her insight on New York spa life. Check out a couple of awesome photos featured on TimeOut that were our favorites here at KLARA Beauty Lab.

elizabeth banks nyc

When asked which type of spa treatment she enjoys best, Elizabeth Banks says, 

I recently had an amazing mud wrap [in Park City, Utah]. The aesthetician asked if I was claustrophobic, which made me wonder if I really knew what a wrap entailed. She said she was going to wrap me with foil and cover my eyes, which makes some people feel like they’re in a coffin. [Laughs] I told her I thought I’d be okay, and I was.


When asked what was the wackiest treatment she ever recieved, Elizabeth Banks says,

The most ridiculous experience I’ve had was in Budapest. It’s known for its bathhouses, and I’d never been to one of those. I had some giant Hungarian smack me with palm fronds. It was so painful [Laughs], but I was too embarrassed to say, “Please stop!”


When asked what other ways she likes to relax in NYC, Elizabeth Banks says,

I love sitting in the penguin exhibit at the Central Park Zoo and watching them glide around, especially on days when no one’s there. I’m a huge fan of MoMA, especially since it’s been renovated. I love exploring the sculpture garden or having tea there. I’m also a big High Line enthusiast.


elizabeth banks


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Take a break from New York City 😉

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