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Feb 18th

Wake up to KLARA’s beauty ritual…

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We all wish we could get out of bed in the morning wide awake and as enthusiastic as the women in the television commercials; unfortunately for most of us we peel ourselves out of bed half awake. I asked KLARA to share easy-to-do remedies any of us can do at home to help us not look so helpLESS in the morning…


  • Facial Moisturizer
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Sink & Water
  • 2 Metal Spoons
  • Chamomile Tea Bags


Here are Klara’s DIY beauty tips to wake you up in the morning!


  • When washing your face in the morning, start off with warm water. You are using the warm water to remove any excess debris from your face that you didn’t remove the night before and may have collected on your face or naturally secreted throughout the night. Make sure the water is warm, not hot, so that it doesn’t dry your skin. Now use your facial cleanser to wash your face. It is important that you are using the proper cleanser for your skin type. and condition. If you don’t have or know what cleanser is right for your skin, schedule a free consultation & KLARA will tell you which of the products she sells is right for you!


  • Be sure to rinse your face off with cold water. This splash of cold water plays a crucial role in helping your skin feel awake and refreshed. When we are asleep our body functions at a lower speed, so by jolting your skin with cold water you play a role in speeding up the process.


  • Although as a small girl Klara never understood why her grandmother would literally smack on her moisturizer in the morning, now Klara understands there was more to the picture. Slapping on your facial moisturizer raises your blood circulation making product absorption better.  When applying your facial moisturizer slap it onto your face. By waking up your cells, you are also allowing your cells to rejuvenate themselves.


  • Another common morning side effect is puffy or swollen eyes. Klara suggests an easy remedy for this unwanted occurrence. First put 2 spoons in the freezer and once they chill place them on your eye lids for a bit to bring down the swelling. Secondly, after boiling 2 chamomile tea bags in water, place them in the refrigerator to cool down, and then leave these tea bags on your eyelids for a few minutes. The calming sensation of the chamomile will sooth your eyes and get rid of any irritation. Great trick for those of you who spend hours in front of the computer!



By: Priscilla Amado

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