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21-Step Facial | 90 Minutes

A truly one-of-a-kind experience. One facial is like a package of all services to help combat your skin’s concerns and harmonizes your frequency and aura to help restore your energy, so you can walk out of your treatment feeling amazing.

Aquagold Infusion | 90 Minutes

Aquagold is a revolutionary technology utilizing micro channels to painlessly and effectively deliver bioactive compounds to the skin. Products are delivered directly to the skin with 24 karat gold plated stainless steel microneedles that are thinner than a human hair. This allows every inch of the targeted area to be treated. Absorption of products used is significantly increased and clients can expect a longer duration of effectiveness. Aquagold is completely customized to the client’s needs and concerns to provide the best results possible.
BBL Treatment

Dermaplanning | 45 Minutes +

Dermaplaning is a medical treatment that consist of a manual exfoliation of the skin using a sterile surgical blade. The scalpel is aimed at a 45 degree angle and then dragged slowly across the skin. The top layer of the skin is gently scraped to remove dull, dead skin and peach fuzz. The results are a healthier, more radiant, brighter complexion and even skin tone. Several skin concerns are addressed as well as improved absorption of your skincare. You can also expect your makeup to go on much smoother. Dermaplaning is a great alternative to a Chemical Peel for those with sensitive skin. It’s also a fantastic prep or inclusion of a multistep skin treatment.  

Fibroblast | 30 Minutes

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is the world’s most advanced, noninvasive procedure that shrinks, tightens and lifts skin instantly. During this treatment, a tiny plasma flash is discharged to create a small dot upon contact with the skin. This activates Fibroblast Cells by causing micro-trauma to the skin’s epidermal layer which in turn creates high levels of collagen and elastin. This innovative technology uses the sublimation process which turns solid into gas to tighten the skin while preserving the surrounding areas and deeper layers of skin.

HD Medical Facial | 150 Minutes

This advanced medical facial is an all-inclusive, hi-tech, anti-aging experience customized to address all your skin’s needs. This crème de la crème of facials will leave you with a completely rejuvenated and renewed complexion with noticeably younger, brighter, tighter skin without having to go under the knife.


The one and only HydraFacial® treatment is the latest technology known in advanced cosmetology. During one treatment you will gain in-depth cleansing, hydration and rejuvenation of the skin. If you feel that your skin is deprived of vitality, dull or dehydrated? Blackheads appear regularly? Acne is one of your skin concerns? Have you noticed wrinkles, signs of aging? … then the HydraFacial® treatment is for you! PRICE: CONTACT US

Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment

Hydrafacial Keravive Scalp Treatment We all know  hydrafacial addresses your skin concerns. But did you know that only Hydrafacial uses Vortex Fusion Technology to gentry, but thoroughly refresh and revive any skin type? Also in the scalp? HydraFacial Keravive is simply hydrafacial for the scalp! PRICE: CONTACT US

Imperial Facial Experience | 90 Minutes

A state-of-the-art facial that improves the overall appearance and health of the skin by using the newest technology in skincare. This amazing facial is the 21-Step Facial turned up a notch with the choice of microdermabrasion and/or chemical peel.Hi-tech and holistic treatment that uses the newest technology that Klara herself believes in and emphasizes the balance of mind and body.


Intraceuticals - Oxygen Skin Rejuvenation Method Your skin is dry, dehydrated and thirsty for oxygen, you are tired of it... We have a magical cure! Celebrity's Favorite Treatment: Intraceuticals! Intraceuticals is a new, non-invasive method of skin rejuvenation. It is based on the technology of hyperbaric oxygen and the introduction of concentrated active ingredients into the skin. One of the secrets of the effectiveness of the Intraceuticals method is the use of two forms of hyaluronic acid. The treatment is very popular among world-class celebrities. It is used, among others, by Madonna, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Loper, Noami Campbell. PRICE: CONTACT US


Beauty comes from the inside out – do you agree? Of course! That’s why LightStim designs high quality, easy-to-use, at-home devices that combine therapeutic light energy with patented technology to nourish your skin from within. LightStim delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. Each LightStim device uses different wavelengths or colors of light. PRICE: CONTACT US

Mesotherapy | 90 Minutes

This technique uses very fine needles to deliver a series of Injection that contain vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts that rejuvenates and tightens the skin as well as remove excess fat.
  • Can be used to treat hair loss
  • Removes fat and reduces cellulite from stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms and face
  • Fades wrinkles and lines while also tightening the skin

Microdermabrasion | 90 Minutes

A form of exfoliation that targets fine lines, pore size, dehydration, pigmentation and dull-looking skin. Dead skin cells are caused by age and environmental damage leaving the skin looking dry and dull.

MicroNeedling Therapy | 90 Minutes

Minimally invasive treatment in which tiny needles create holes in the top layer of the skin to stimulate collagen which helps reverse the signs of aging, reduce fine lines and fade acne scars. Your treatment will start with a skin-appropriate cleanser and includes a suitable serum, light therapy, proper masques and any necessary add-on’s.

Oxy-Illumination Facial | 90 Minutes

One of the Best Facials in New York City is the Oxy-Illumination Facial. A three-in-one experience – Exfoliate + Infuse + Oxygenate with a breakthrough hi-tech device which provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. This facial will have skin rejuvenated, refreshed, and radiant.


Exfoliate, oxygenate and infuse - follow the instructions and enjoy spectacular effects! Many aesthetic medicine treatments have the advantage that they can be classified as operating on many levels. The popular OxyGeneo treatment is also one of them. PRICE: CONTACT US

Royal Facial | 120 mins

Immerse yourself in this exclusive, ultra luxe, all inclusive treatment. Klara’s Royal Facial brings anti-aging to another level. Not only will you see immediate results, but they will continue to improve over time. You will be left with a rejuvenated and renewed complexion with noticeably younger, brighter, tighter skin without having to go under the knife. Yes, here at KBL its possible!