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Are you looking for a treatment that will change life forever? No more imperfections, shadows under the eyes, ‘not perfect’ eyebrows or asymmetrical lips? No more scars that cause discomfort? Just happiness and pure beauty? Yes, we have it covered for you.
Discover the new dimension of makeup, that will change your life #forever – discover SMARTKONTOUR.
Have you ever dreamt of not spending time on choosing perfect color of lipstick or emphasize the eyebrows? Drawing an ideal line on your eyelids? Or maybe covering dark circles under your eyes in two seconds with THIS shade of concealer? You can make your dreams come true right now. We are not joking. Just a few appointments with one and only Klara and all your ‘ daily beauty challenges’ will be forgotten

Moreover, you will be surprised how much time you gained – every morning and evening! We have a list of activities that you can do with your extra time… just in case you will be shocked and may need that ; )

Permanent makeup is an ideal solution for women who want to emphasize their beauty or correct the imperfections. However, it is not only about microbladed brows anymore… This treatment allows you to reconstruct the eyebrows, improve the shape of the lips, bring out their natural color, highlight the eyes, make your eyes hypnotizing due to perfectly drawn lines on your eyelids. Would you like something more? Here we go.

Thanks to SMARTKONTOUR you will be able to mark your jaw line, have permanent blush on cheeks or even freckles – not the ordinary one. Would you like to stand out with the specific arrangement of the freckles on your beautiful face? We are here to make you the best and the happiest version of yourself!

Of course, as long as all your suggestions are matched with your natural beauty and goals that we both want to achieve. But this is our job, so do not worry about it. We will discuss everything during an appointment. We will answer all your questions and dispel all doubts. And everything will be held in the most professional, unique and friendly atmosphere – as always at KLARA Beauty Lab.

Permanent makeup is an ideal solution for women who want to permanently emphasize their natural beauty and thus gain more time for themselves. However, we cannot forget about not so popular topics, that are still extremely important for our self confidence, well-being and health. Scars and stretch marks may be camouflaged by the linergist. The darkening of the private areas is perfectly normal and can be caused by a number of factors. Some of these factors can be easily dealt with. Intimate pigmentation labial area is one of the newest treatment and is already very popular among clients. One of the most common uses of permanent makeup is also a pigmentation of the nipple. Thanks to the use of permanent makeup, you can apply completely new and natural outlines of the wart to clients after treatments reconstruction of the mammary gland or other surgery.

Fate is not kind to all people and can be cruel to many of us. Random illnesses and accidents often have an impact on our health and appearance. To hide scars, spots on the skin or other defects such as e.g. lack of hair, we use various treatments to cover the defects. Strong makeup or clothing covering scars are not always a convenient solution. In addition to strictly cosmetic applications, permanent makeup is often used in such medical cases. It helps to recover from illnesses and accidents. BEAUTY IS POWER. LET’S FACE IT TOGETHER!

What is it exactly?

Permanent makeup (PMU) or micropigmentation is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. With an ultra-thin needle and pigment, the shape of the eyebrows, eyes or lips is enhanced. This treatment is also known as permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing. However, the pigments used for permanent makeup are introduced less deeply into the skin layer and have a different composition from tattoo inks.

  • permanent makeup allows you to subtly give features shape and definition to enhance natural beauty in both men and women,
  • besides boosting self-confidence, micropigmentation can also lead to a more active lifestyle, personal freedom and save quite a bit of time on makeup application,
  • thanks to permanent makeup you can recreate hair in the eyebrow arch, highlight the eyes, hide vitiligo spots or various types of scars,
  • pigmentation is very helpful in recovering Amazons, it helps restore the natural appearance of their breasts.


Generally speaking, it is a safe form of enhancing beauty. Make yourself a gift that you will never forget and join the club of our happy & beautiful clients who have already made the best decision.

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